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World, society, family
World, society, family

The program includes construction of network of partnerships with parental communities and public organizations, creation of consulting center, programs of education for parents and volunteers, social abandonment prevention.

Creation of conditions to form sustainable and self-reproducing network of deaf-blind communities in Russian regions with constant active participants – parental unions, public organizations, deaf-blind people themselves, volunteers and specialists who have special skills of assistance and rehabilitation of deaf-blind people.
  • Selection and training of specialists and volunteers for participation in program events fulfilment
  • Competitions, conferences, seminars and other events for parental unions, volunteers and specialists who work with deaf-blind people
  • Formation of recourse and consulting centers for deaf-blind and their relatives
  • Increase current number of courses for special interpreters for deaf-blind people
  • Organization of “social lessons” in secondary school about the phenomenon of deaf-blindness
  • System of legal assistance – legal consultations on different issues of disabled people rights  (passing medical social expertise, receiving disability status, receiving technical rehabilitation means etc.)
  • Medical and diagnostic help (project of Consulting Diagnostic Center) – organize consultations in the leading specialized centers, carry out full medical research range, provide with medicines 
  • Preparation of special interpreters for deaf-blind – development of education modules and provision of education courses 
  • Volunteers movement – form active group of Fund volunteers 
  • Program of parents' support – create community, group trainings, online and video courses, individual rehabilitation programs 
  • Resource center – multifunctional sight of support for deaf-blind and their families
  • Association of parents and family members of deaf-blind people – interregional communicative sight
  • Service of assistance – possibility to order certified specialists and taxi services to fulfill daily needs of deaf-blind (assistance in public transport, hospitals, social services, during the walks etc.)
  • Service of interpretation – services for group events (interpretation, accompaniment) of deaf-blind communities and Fund

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