Polikanov Dmitry Valerievich

He graduated from MGIMO (Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs) in 1998. In 1999 he defended the dissertation. Ph.D., associate professor. He has a title of Professor of European Academy of Informatization (EAI). 2003-2006 - Director of international and public relations in The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center. 2007-2012 – holds senior positions in United Russia political party. 2012-2013 – First Deputy Executive Director of the Russian Geographical Society.

The author of over 100 publications on international and European security issues, and Russia's foreign and domestic policies. A member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), the International Sociological Association, the Scientific Council of The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center. He held senior positions at the PIR Center, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation.

“Charity is an opportunity to see the concrete result of your efforts, an opportunity to see the change for the better in people's life every day. Нuman capital quality becomes the central theme of today's world. And it means that both - policy and economy - today are measured namely by social changes. Doing good is always pleasant, but doing good for one of the most complex and vulnerable groups is twice pleasant. Deaf-blind people, seemingly, destined by nature for existence in the darkness, really – are very radiant personalities, who teach us to look at the world in a positive way. Communication with them - is a constant search, training and self-development.”
Konstantinova Tatyana Alexandrovna

High education – engineering teacher. A manager with great work experience. She was managing finances, businesses and restaurants. During four years she’s been a leader of the only one Russian Relief Fund for Seriously Ill Adults. Married and has a grown-up son.

“I'm able and like to build strong teams. Helping other people is easy and natural. It's like breathing. Every sigh must be followed by out-breath.”
Osipov Pavel

More than seven years of specialization in the field of science, technology and venture capital investments. Work experience in venture capital funds and state corporations in searching of developments and financing of technological start-ups. For the last few years he’s been working as a Director of the project office in the investment fund, where he was searching, examining and developing technological projects. He takes part in international projects related to the development of technical rehabilitation means.

“Searching for new technologies for commercialization, I didn't notice that there were people next to us, who primarily feel the need of modern developments. For them it is a question of existence and social development. The problem of vision and hearing disorder can affect anyone of us at any time. Who is ready to live in a world of darkness, silence, without day and night changing, in the absence of time and space? It is a challenge and a super-task: create fundamentally new technology to adapt the deaf-blind world to the world of those, who can see and hear. Now there is a real opportunity to bring together all global researches and developments in the field of visual and hearing impairments and to create a unique solution at the crossroads of technology and scientific fields that extends beyond today's view on the traditional rehabilitation means.”
Ksenia Smertina

Has experience in the area of public diplomacy, promotion and development of the Russian expert community abroad. She is one of the founders of the information-analytical portal Russia Direct for International Experts. PG student of MGIMO (Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs), studied and worked in the leading educative state and European institutes (St. Petersburg State University, Central European University).

"I've been always watching with heart aflutter on fund work and wonderful things that its dedicated staff makes. My work I see, first of all, in creating conditions for deaf-blind people, gaining knowledge and information about our world, promoting the development of deafblindness issues research to the Russian scientific community."
Goncharenko Tatiana Igorevna

Has a degree in Political psychology. PG student of the Public Administration department of RANEPA (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration). Area of expertise: political leadership, public image formation, reputational technologies. 2009-2011 - received qualification of High School Teacher in the Russian Academy of State Service at the President of the Russian Federation.

Has experience of PR-support in various public and political structures, consulting and communicative groups and associations. She was fully engaged in the establishment and promotion of a number of youth and student organizations, as well as their leaders and directors.

Geleskul Elena Sergeevna

She graduated from the Novosibirsk State Technical University, Humanitarian department. Worked in various government and political structures such as the Central Executive Committee of the UNITED RUSSIA party, Administration of the Governor of Moscow Region. Has great experience in the organization and coordination of large events, including ones with the participation of country leaders.

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